About La Pastorela De Orange

“La Pastorela” dates back hundreds of years ago when the Spanish priests were evangelizing the native Indians of Mexico.

It is the story of a group of shepards in Palestine on their way to give praise to the newly born savior, Jesus. 

Along the way the shepherds are tormented by the devils of the seven deadly sins. A climatic scene between the new mother Mary and Satan himself wraps up this charming homegrown musical play

Although the tradition of “La Pastorela” is alive and well – has gone through and unfortunate transformation. once a tool to evangelize it is now a meer parody of itself.

Maestro Zavala spent months researching and reading different scripts along with other sources.  He finally developed a working script of the Pastorela that its back to its traditional roots.

Zavala does this by encorporating live Mariachi music.

The musical play is approx. 2 hrs and is the Spanish language all in Rhyme.

La Pastorela De Orange

Una Pastorela Cristiana – Catolica


Gabriel B. Zavala

Executive Producer

Oralia Zavala

Music Provided By

Rhythmo Mariachi Academy

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